3 Replies to “The Greatest Escape in Fairfax press today!”

  1. Very enjoyable read. The communist angle is poignant even today. Stories like this deserve to be preserved and understood by youngsters. “Wind to your (crow) wings!”

  2. Hi, Neil.

    I’m British, but my mother came from a small town in Austria, just over the border from Ozbalt. As a result, I’ve become very interested in your father’s escape. Read the book, visited the railway, been to Lovrenc, seen the TV documentary.

    I do talks to local history groups about the escape – gets a lot of interest.

    One question for you. Your article includes a picture of a building in Lovrenc, subtitled “Partisan party central …”. This building is the municipal office in Lovrenc. Are you saying this is the building where the partisans and your father were eating, drinking, and dancing and where they agreed to go back and pick up the rest of the prisoners?

    Pure co-incidence, but when we went to lovrenc we stopped at the Ali Baba for a drink and i took a photo up the street which shows part of this building at the left side.

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